Stewardship is a ministry dedicated to enlightening, educating, and encouraging the members of the church to use God’s blessings to be a blessing to others.

The stewardship committee brings to light opportunities for people to utilize their gifts of time, talent, and treasures to not only perpetuate the mission of the church {to go and make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world}, but also to reaffirm stewardship as a daily part of the Christian journey.

Steward of the Month Nomination Form

All too often when the terms steward or stewardship are used, the first thoughts are of financial support or request for financial support of the church. Theres no doubt we must support our church financially, but stewardship is much more than giving of our tithes and contributions. A great steward is anyone who has used their time, talent or resources unselfishly to give back what they have been given to God.

God’s stewards do not seek recognition, but they deserve it. To this end, we want to recognize those members of Winder First United Methodist Church who give unselfishly for the good of others. Each month we would like to recognize a Steward of the Month from our congregation.

Nominations for steward of the month can be made by any member of WFUMC or by church staff. We invite you to tell the story of someone who has been a great steward in our church and community. The stewardship committee will select a recipient each month from the nominations submitted. The recipient will be recognized in the bulletin and at mid-month services.

If you would like to nominate someone, please fill out the form below.

Sincerely, Doug Colley {Stewardship Chair}

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